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Welcome to the Oxford M&A Group

Providing coverage on the most-interesting mergers, acquisitions and industry-specific M&A trends.



Unlike any other Oxford society, the Oxford M&A Group provides students with the unique opportunity to write regular reports, hone their commercial awareness, and thus enhance their chances in securing work experience in investment banking.


Founded in July 2020 by four first-year students, the society’s vision is founded on three pillars.


  1. To provide members with a platform to publish independent research and hence hone their commercial acumen

  2. To offer technical sessions to teach members about the intricacies of financial analysis

  3. To hold speaker events for students to gain insights into key M&A deals and wider M&A trends from industry practitioners. 



The group aims to differentiate itself from other finance societies at Oxford by providing students with the ability to conduct their own research and publish reports on a regular basis, with every Analyst producing three 1,500-word M&A reports per term. The founders believe that writing such independent research is most conducive to learning about and truly understanding both the fundamentals and the idiosyncrasies of financial analysis.



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